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Installing SIP TAPI driver on Windows

By on Jan 28, 2013 in Blog, Phones, Support Blog

Some Windows applications (ie Outlook, CRMs) have a click-to-dial feature. Click on a contact’s phone number in Outlook and magically your phone starts ringing. When you pick up your phone, the phone automatically starts ringing the contact’s phone number you clicked on. With SIPTAPI, the click-to-dial feature can work on your Cloud Phone System....

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How to Set-Up a Business Facebook Page

By on Nov 9, 2012 in Blog, Social Media, Support Blog

Setting Up a Facebook Account Choosing Your Account Facebook allows you to create 3 different types of accounts: a Personal Profile, a Group and a Page. Personal Profile: This page is designed for individuals, not businesses. Group: Designed only for those who want to share with a small selective few. Page: A page designed for businesses, celebrities and bands to...

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