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Installing SIP TAPI driver on Windows

By on Jan 28, 2013 in Blog, Phones, Support Blog

Some Windows applications (ie Outlook, CRMs) have a click-to-dial feature. Click on a contact’s phone number in Outlook and magically your phone starts ringing. When you pick up your phone, the phone automatically starts ringing the contact’s phone number you clicked on. With SIPTAPI, the click-to-dial feature can work on your Cloud Phone System. Basically, SIPTAPI is a TAPI driver  used to bridge between TAPI enabled Windows applications and the Cloud phone system. (like a print driver is used to use a printer)

*Contact us to make sure this feature is enabled on your phone system.


You can download siptapi for free from Sourceforge. The program is free to use, even for commercial purposes. You can find it on here:

On 32bit Windows

  1. Copy siptapi.tsp from 32bit folder into your Windows system32 directory  (usually C:\Windows\System32)
  2. Configure

On 64bit Windows

  1. Copy siptapi.tsp from 64bit folder into your Windows system32 directory (usually C:\Windows\System32). This gives you full TAPI support with 64 and 32bit TAPI applications. — If you want to configure SIPTAPI not only from the telephony control panel and from 64bit applications, but also from 32bit applications, copy the 32bit siptapi.tsp from 32bit folder into your WoW64 directory (usually C:\Windows\SysWow64)
  2. Configure


  1. Go to Control Panel and select Phone and Modem
  2. Click on the Advanced tab
  3. Select SIPTAPI and click Configure
  4. Enter SIP Domain & User Information
  5. Click OK and your done!
Phone and Modem

Click on Advanced Tab & Select SIPTAPI

siptapi configuration

Enter SIP Domain and User Information


instructions taken mostly from siptapi install.txt