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VoIP Phone System

VoIP Phone Systems

Cloud Phone Systems are enterprise level phone systems that live on the internet. They use VoIP
(Voice Over Internet Protocol) to make and receive phone calls.


  • All the features of traditional phone systems + more
  • No large up-front costs
  • Only buy your phones, the system lives in the cloud
  • Premium Quality
  • 99.9% reliability
  • Lower your phone bill by up to 50%


  • multi-level auto attendant
  • Day/Night modes
  • Extension forwarding
  • Voicemail to email
  • Phone trees
  • And more



Cloud Phone Systems are great for:

  • Multiple location businesses (ties all locations into one phone system)
  • Small businesses that want advanced features out of their phone system
  • Anywhere that already has a phone system (low transition costs, low cost of ownership, & lower monthly phone bills)
  • Churches (have voicemails emailed directly to staff’s inbox, forward extensions to cell phones or home phones, send voice messages to your congregation with one call)
  • Service businesses (have customers submit service requests with a phone call)
  • On-the-go professionals (route calls to your cell phone when you are away & to the office phone when you are not)

Unlimited Extension Plans

1 to 5 extensions

$35 per month per extension

5 to 10 extensions

$30 per month per extension

10 to 15 extensions

$25 per month per extension

more than 15 extensions

$20 per month per extension

Custom Plans & Pricing Avaliable

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VoIP Phone Systems

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