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How to Set-Up a Business Facebook Page

By on Nov 9, 2012 in Blog, Social Media, Support Blog

Setting Up a Facebook Account

Choosing Your Account

Facebook allows you to create 3 different types of accounts: a Personal Profile, a Group and a Page.

  • Personal Profile: This page is designed for individuals, not businesses.
  • Group: Designed only for those who want to share with a small selective few.
  • Page: A page designed for businesses, celebrities and bands to build closer relationships with their customers or fans.

Creating a Page for Your Business

Step 1: Create a Page

Step 2: Choose a Category

Facebook has six categories for you to choose from. Select the box that best describes your business.

Step 3: The Dropdown Box

Choose the category from the drop down box that best describes your business.

Step 4: Choose a Profile Picture

It’s recommended that your profile picture be your business logo/branding.

Step 5: Provide Information

In a short paragraph, tell your current and potential customers who you are and what your business can do for them. If you have a website and are on other social networks, share the url of each. (The more social networks you’re on the more exposure your business gets!)

Optional: Enable Ads

If you would like to advertise your Page, add a funding source to enable advertising.

Your Page is Published

Now the public can begin viewing your business page, but you’re not quite done yet. Next, you’ll need to add a cover. A “cover” is basically your company billboard. It’s a great way to advertise special sales events, headline particular products, spotlight an employee of the month or share a picture of your business for all to see.

Next, you’ll want to begin building your audience by inviting everyone in your email contacts. If you have a personal profile already set-up, you can invite your personal friends to like your page. You can also begin sharing your page on other pages. It’s that easy!

Admin Panel

Once 30 people like your Page, you’ll get access to be able to track your page activity.

Start Sharing!

Now that your page is ready for the public and you’ve invited everyone you know to come and like your page, it’s time to post your first status. Here are a few ideas:

  • Begin with a Greeting
  • Advertise Your Items
  • Promote Sales Events
  • Post Pictures of Sales Items, Special Events, etc.
  • Highlight an Employee of the Month
  • Make Special Announcements!
  • Share a “Tip of the Day”

Facebook is a great way to interact with your current and potential customers. Once they begin liking your page, keep them coming back often by keeping your page updated and relevant.