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Introduction to the Virtual Phone System

By on Jan 18, 2013 in Blog, Phones

virtual phone system

Each virtual phone system is a phone system set-up on our servers customized specifically for you.

You can log into the phone system with the link we give you after set-up is complete.

You can have your phone system answer calls and…,

·         Take a message

·         Play a messages

·         Give options such as…

o   Press 1 for directions

o   Press 2 for times

o   Press 3 for sales

o   Press 4 for support

·         Forward the call to another phone

A good example would be:  Someone calls your number. The Virtual Phone System Answers the call then plays a greeting. Then the system gives the user options. Some of the options have pre-recorded answers (directions, hours). Some of the options forward to cell phones of someone ready to receive the call.

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