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Tweet Tips for Businesses

By on May 17, 2013 in Blog, Social Media

Business Tweet Tips:

    1. Twitter is your FREE bulletin board, so tweet about your upcoming or ongoing sale.
    2. Instead of making coupons, offer discounts to Twitter users using a code! Technology is great!
    3. Are you moving to a new location? Let your followers know when and where!
    4. Share pictures of staff, the employee of the month, the new manager, etc., people love to see what’s happening in your place of business.
    5. By sharing special news about your employee’s, it lifts moral in your company and because they’ll retweet (share) what you’ve said, you’ll get FREE publicity!
    6. Retweet and participate in conversations with others. This is the Relationship Era. Getting to know your customers and potential customers is essential and well worth your time.
    7. Try making all your tweets informative, useful, or funny.
    8. Add hashtags to your tweets. For example, if your tweet is about computers, consider adding #computer in the tweet.
    9. Tweet often, but refrain from mundane tweets. (Ex. what kind of cereal you had this morning.)
    10. Try making your valuable tweets during the times people will most likely see them.


*Visit the Twitter Glossary to help you understand the Twitter lingo. Example: @reply, Follower, Hashtag, Retweet (RT), Trending Topics, and Tweet.

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